A new website for ASPO.be

On January 15, 2019, ASPO.be launched its new website.

With french and english sections.

Many publications about peak oil are written in English, while many readers of ASPO.be are francophone. To avoid to our visitors the struggle to search among documents written in a langage that is not familiar to them, we divided the website into French and English sections. The two sections have very different information, as only a few publications are available in both langages. Hence, if you read both langages, you are invited to visit both French and English sections by clicking on the corresponding flag that is located in the main menu.

Daily information about peak oil from around the world.

Thanks to rss feeds from partners and experts in peak oil, you will receive the latest news about peak oil. In the English section, Tom Whipple will give you oil news every day (peak oil news) and a weekly summary (peak oil review). You will also find exceptional, very detailed, and still free data about US shale oil, regularly updated by Shale Profile. You will also find graphics and analyses of quality provided by Crude Oil Peak and ASPO France, which publishes many of its articles in English. In the French section, you will find the news from ASPO France and of
The Shift Project.

You can still visit the old site of ASPO.be to access archives.

Have a good visit.

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